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My fourth book, Suppose at the Supermarket, the sequel to my 2005 picture book, Suppose, is a rhyming tale filled with humor and adventure. Children and adults will be amazed by the shenanigans of the food-like characters, as they take on a human role. Reading this book to a child will forever change food shopping into an imaginative and fun experience. This is a picture book for all who dare to view the world through the eyes of a child. There is even a special page for children to draw their own illustrations.Here is a letter that a student wrote me: Click on the image for a larger view. Fan Letter

Cheese Grapes Chips

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On December 15, 2010 an article about me appeared in the Sun-Sentinal. Please click on the link to read the article: Children's Author ...

Here I am reading my book, "Suppose at the Supermarket," to two classes of second graders at the Unity School in Delray Beach.

The wonderful students at Unity School of Delray Beach sent me a thank you note. Please click on icon to view. unity school

Please enjoy my video presentation to the preschoolers of Castleton Hill Moravian School.