Cloudy Skies
Over Miami

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Chapter Two:
The Magic in Baseball

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Susan Wigden

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A Caring Deed for Becky

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Silly Rhymes for Fun Times

I Want to Learn to Dance


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Suppose at the


Hi and welcome to my website.  Any schools that are interested in contacting me, email Susan at

After spending nearly two decades working with pre-school age children, I decided to Suppose Coverwrite "Suppose ."  "Suppose" is a rhyming picture book story appropriate for pre-school children through grade two and for anyone else who enjoys setting their imagination free.  The back of the book has two pages available for children to write and draw their own images.

Zelda Book CoverMy second rhyming picture book, "A Mitzva For Zelda," introduces children to an array of characters with odd shaped heads.  Zelda, our main character, spends her life knitting kippas (yarmulkes) for them.  Children are introduced to doing mitzvas. (jewish word for doing good deeds)


Chapter Two Book CoverMy third book, in colaboration with my husband, "Chapter Two: The Magic in Baseball," brings generations together through mutual respect and trust. The reader will connect with Jake and feel his sense of pride at accomplishing his goals by means of hard work and determination. Readers will discover that life, like magic, takes surprising turns. Chapter Two demonstrates how a positive attitude and sense of humor can prepare a person for the unexpected.

Suppose ATS CoverMy fourth book, "Suppose at the Supermarket," the sequel to the 2005 picture book, Suppose, is a rhyming tale filled with humor and adventure. Children and adults will be amazed by the shenanigans of the food-like characters, as they take on a human role. Reading this book to a child will forever change food shopping into an imaginative and fun experience. This is a picture book for all who dare to view the world through the eyes of a child.

Book Cover


My fifth book, "Cloudy Skies Over Miami,"is my second children's novel. It deals with the relationship between a young boy and his grandparents, who happen in live in south Florida.



My sixth book, "Silly Rhymes For Fun Times," has been released. It is a collection of laugh-out-loud rhymes. If you've ever wondered how to survive little brother's bad flute playing, how to get rich from the tooth fairy, or what to do withe Grandmas meatballs, get ready for a page-turning giggle-fest!


Becky Small

My seventh book, "A Caring Deed for Becky," is now available. Here children and adults meet the loving Becky bear, who knits hat for her animal friends with unusual shaped heads. As Becky becomes old her animal friends take matters into their own hands and now do the caring. This book will teach your young children a very meaningful lesson!



My eighth book, " I Want to Learn to Dance," has just been released.  Here we are introduced to a delightful Turkey who wants more than anything to learn to dance.Though Turkey does not receive any support and is "mocked" by the other animals, it is wise Mama Turkey whose advise shines through.  This is a story about believing in your dreams and succeeding.

Click on the link to see all my books rotating in a carousel! carousel

If you would like more information about any of my books click on the link, My Books, at the top of the page or click on the picture of the books to the left.

Two of my books from publisher, Tex-Ware, are now on KIndle and Nook for only $.99.  If you would like to download a copy click on the following links: Nook Kindle

Just out is an interview with Beach Bound Books. To view just click on the link.

For each of my books, I am available, (at special times of the year) in New York & South Florida. For grades Pre-K through the second grade, I do an interactive reading/workshop where children are encouraged to become part of the story through the use of props.  Also, for grades three through nine, I give an author talk explaining the process of becoming published.  At the conclusion of this talk, children are encouraged to ask questions.   Email me for more information.

Also, if you have a special needs child and you would like me to volunteer to help with a fundraiser email me at

usawritesI am proud to be afiliated with "America Writes for Kids" whose goal is to promote literacy and creativity by introducing young readers, parents, teachers, and librarians to the work of "real, live" children's authors. Visit their website at for more information.

Susan on books

Here I am, on the carpet in my living room, amongst some of my own books, as well as some of my friend's books.

Blessed Sacrament SchoolI would like to thank the Blessed Sacrament school located in Staten Island, NY for purchasing 62 copies of my book, "Chapter Two:The Magic in baseball," to be used as a reader for their fifth grade classes. As a result any student from the fifth grade of Blessed Sacrament may enter our new writing contest which begins in September 2011 and ends at the end of June 2011. There will be three winners from the school. Each of the winners will have their pictures and essays posted on our website along with a letter of tribute written to their principal. Their names will also be submitted to the Staten Island Advance for recognition. For more information about the contest please click here. Students in other schools who purchase the book may also participate in the writing contest.